Polyurethane - Sandwich Panel - Rockwool

Polyurethane is a polymer consisting of a chain of organic units joined by urethane links. Flexible and rigid foams, durable elastomers and high performance adhesives, synthetic fibers, gaskets, condoms, carpet and hard plastic used to make the lower part. Flexible polyurethane foams, polyurethane foams, and are known as bedding, furniture, material comfort, are indispensable. The more rigid foams are used in heat and sound insulation. Polyurethane products are often referred to as urethanes. Also known as ethyl carbamate, however, should not be confused with a special urethane material. Polyurethanes are made, and it does not contain ethyl karbamatdan. Polyurethanes are synthesized for the first time in 1937 by German scientist Otto Bayer and diisocyanate, diol were obtained with the reaction. Polyurethane polyols and isocyanates used in the structure of which differs according to different application fields in many parts of our everyday lives, hear a word that has become familiar. Structure of polyurethane polyols, isocyanates and the reaction to give full meaning is not because of the toxic materials. Polyurethane is used in a wide range. Flexible polyurethane applications such as shoe soles, and the furniture industry as well as rigid polyurethane or rigid polyurethane insulation industry in recent years with an increasing trend in the industry as taking the place of application of polyurethane foam. With rigid polyurethane insulation which has low thermal conductivity and high volume is a product with features that make a difference.

Sandwich Panel
Sandwich panel; in the middle of polyurethane, EPS filler, mineral filler, such as thermal insulation in the roof of both the surface of the sheet or Alm, front-or cold-room material. The exterior of the buildings and the roof covering, thermal insulation, filler panels, which are called the sandwich panel. Safety against fire, water repellency, and heat insulation can be used safely with its contributions. Industrial sandvich a composite panel roofing and cladding material for buildings. Polyurethane Sandwich Panel, as insulation material, mainly used as a filler in insulating materials such as rock wool and polystren. Investors in projects due to production of appropriate length is easy to assemble without a fire but also adds value to investors covering the roof and facades. Shopping centers, military buildings, malls, sports facilities, places such as hospitals are used as roofing sandwich panel. Sandwich panels used in buildings safely, the country provides input for high value added economy. Sandwich panels in the front rows of the growing export items are. The advantages at the same time heat, water and sound insulation. Bindirmeyen light load on the roof structure. Quick applicability. Excellent resistance to external conditions. Modern and aesthetic appearance

GCS METAL Rockwool mineral wool and glass wool-filled panels Inc. in 2007, has given the production decision in 2008, filled with glass and rock wool sandwich panel production has started. The founders of experience in the sector and the sector Inc. GÇSMETAL taking into account the accumulation of knowledge and begun to produce EPS sandwich panels filled with mineral wool and glass wool in a planned way they target the production of sandwich panels filled with polyurethane powder is ground and turned into stone koymuşlardır.Taşyünü Basal, various chemical substances rock wool, and recycled waste materials comprised of a compound. Also used as a ceiling material. Move to a 54% basal, 36% and 10% of chemical mixtures, tack coat of recycled waste materials 3000C degree by making the melt is poured in molds is obtained from pressing a suspended ceiling with mineral wool. Rockwool Taşyünü'nün a few of the features are listed below. Rockwool hygienic and does not harm human health. 70% - 95% - 100% relative humidity resistant. Ambient noise and sound by absorbing sound clearer. Renovations and repairs to the ceiling and then makes it easy to do with the waste water pipes on the roof and hide the unwanted images. Disassembled and transported. Standard white, custom colors are also available if desired. If necessary, can be painted, and fire-resistant mineral wool. Ambient smoke, dust, smoke and polluted air, cleans the air swallowing. Reflect more light. Thanks to the space between the ceiling and the panels have the capability of balancing the heat.


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